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By Kathleen Eagle

ISBN-10: 1426882327

ISBN-13: 9781426882326

Two undesirable boys locate redemption once they turn into not going heroes to 2 very specific ladies and their households. do not leave out those romantic favorites from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling writer Kathleen Eagle!


Gideon Defender understood challenging offerings. blameless and natural, Raina McKenny had deserved a person larger than him, so he'd stepped apart and watched her marry his brother. He'd stayed away once they followed a toddler and created definitely the right existence he may by no means provide her. Now, fifteen years later, Raina had lower back to the reservation a widow together with her fatherless teenage son in tow, and Gideon confronted the hardest offerings of his existence. among hope and responsibility, among condemnation and belief, among fatherhood and honor…and even among lifestyles and death.

Broomstick Cowboy

Amy Becker wanted a guy. Tate Harrison would not have been her first choice…but then, her first selection had long gone and died, leaving her pregnant, broke and at the verge of wasting every little thing. strangely, Tate was once a superb father determine to her young ones, a tireless employee and much too tempting in the course of these lengthy wintry weather nights. yet Tate wasn't one for roots; he was once hers basically till spring. except she may possibly persuade him to stay.

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It was. I was just a little kid. ” Peter stepped back as he measured a foot and a half of space between his hands. ” Gideon shoved his hands in his pockets as he looked the boy over. Damn, he’d gotten tall. ” With a gesture, Gideon invited Raina to join in the reunion. ” Peter shot his mother a sullen look. ” “Peter actually chose Pine Lake over Disney World,” Raina confirmed. “Well, that doesn’t surprise me. ” Gideon clapped a hand on Peter’s bony shoulder. ” Gideon slid his hand away from the boy’s shoulder, disappointed that his friendly gesture hadn’t changed the guarded look in Peter’s eyes.

But this time he’d gotten the drop on her. This time, much like a time long past, he’d been the one to see her first…. She looked like a fish out of water—a goldfish that had somehow escaped the confines of a giant crystal brandy snifter and fallen into a shot glass. Seated on a stool in the company of two women who were polishing the bar with all four elbows, the lady with the big blue eyes seemed a mite uncomfortable. Gideon knew the other two—Kristy Reese and Charlotte Croix—both seasoned teachers, both single and neither a stranger to the Duck’s Tail Tavern.

You know what I think is—” Another shot rang out, and the duck became a turtle. “I think I got a job to do. ” Gideon spared him a warning glance. ” “Sorry. ” “Not if they’re poachers. ” “Get outta here, Ch—” Gideon touched his fingers to his lips and cocked one ear toward the sound of footsteps. Glimpsing the sprinting shooter, they exchanged nods, scrambled to their feet and followed. To anyone who didn’t know him, it would have been surprising that a man of Carl’s considerable girth was able to move nearly as quickly and almost as quietly as Gideon did, but they shared the heritage of native woodsmen.

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