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Lang:- eng Vol-pt 1, Pages 136 it's the replica of the unique version released lengthy again (). Hardcover with stitching binding with modern laminated multi-Colour dirt conceal, revealed on prime quality Paper, professionally processed with no altering its contents.We stumbled on this ebook very important for the readers who need to know approximately our previous treasure so we introduced it again to the cabinets. Print on call for.

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Between a palatal and a neutral consonant as e. 2. 3. ' fr. g. g. muilenn ' mill ' ' Latin molina. fr. between a neutral and palatal consonant as 4. i or ai, later regularly as ai. g. benid, benaid (2 pi. ) fr. *bhi-nd-te. g. cetbuith sense (dat. ) fr. *-bhutai. between a palatal and an n coloured consonant as iu. ' ' ! 5. ' ' 6. g. claidiub, dat. ' Enclitic vowels in b. 1. open syllables appear between palatal consonants as i, seldom as honour fr. *pre-mentjo. g. airmitiu between neutral consonants as a.

Di-k ved, -*kovedet, *fcomt see § 84 d, note) ; root vedh to lead ; fr. ' vedh-et (on the final cf Lith. ' ' . ' ' ' PHONOLOGY 45 Short Vowels and a (also a which has been developed in I, m, n, §§ 105, 106) 1 9 § 113. E. E. r, appear regularly as a. 1. gf. ' another By 2. a, 46. cf. 5 ; * athir father pdter, Lat. pater, Skr. pitd. the end of the archaic period au which had been developed ' ' from ' fr. preceded by coloured consonants Examples maw — or a labial or guttural (+r), — became mug, arch.

I. g. (/3) v fr. g. ivi, gen. sg. ' eo. E. *g ivos, fr. Welsh 6^/w ; cf. Lat, vivus. m. g. (8) as fr. E. *g ivoi, dat. sg. of &eo. i. ' /ms I shall light ' fr. *vi-vik-s-o, 1st sg. fut. offccltid Lat. vincere, 0. High German ivihan. ) (e) before d, o as e, before e, i, u as i. g. ; cf. g. bethu g. After 0. any v ' ' life Ir. fr. E. *g ivo-tut-s, I (fr. E. e, i) Welsh bywyd. v disappears without leaving trace. g. II ' colour ' fr. *livis, Welsh lliw ; cf. Gaulish Livius. ov and ev appear, h. (a) as oi.

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