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This booklet has been designed basically for using first 12 months scholars on the Universities whose skills succeed in or procedure whatever like what's often defined as scholarship ordinary. i'm hoping that it can be worthy to different sessions of readers, however it is that this category whose desires i've got thought of first. It os at least e-book for mathematicians i've got nowhere made any try and meet the desires of scholars of engineering or certainly any type of scholars whose pursuits should not basically mathematical.

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Is equal to expression 2m Show 22. if 2m 2 > a > m 2 , and to 2 v/(a - wi 2 ) if a > 2wi 2 . that any polynomial in #2, with rational coefficients, can be expressed in the form where are rational. a, 6, c More generally, if p is any rational number, any polynomial m ^p with rational coefficients can be expressed in the form where a form where the Jc>m- 23. where are rational 24. For any such polynomial an integer and 0^s< m- 1 and a r =a xm+s =p as of all powers of a higher than the (m l)th.

Positive integers. - 2 have the same sign, we have (af - a 2 (a^ - a 2 ) , *>) ... de Since >0, or ........................ (1), an inequality which may also be written in the + 2 p+g > 2 By =\ 2 repeated application of this formula and in particular When ;? = 2=1 obtain .............................. in mean we > (1), p = 2 in (4), the inequalities are merely af+af^Za&z, which expresses the fact or forms of the inequality arithmetic form /V + of two positive numbers is (4)> different that the not less than their geometric mean.

7. We now a section or real number which must clearly be 7, since it corresponds to the least member of (C). we call 7 the sum of a and ft, and write 7=a rational, In any case + ft. and /3 are rational, they are the least members of the upper In this case it is clear that a-f/3 is the least member and (B}, (A) If both a classes of (6*), so that our definition agrees with our previous ideas of addition. (ii) The idea 3. classes a-|-6 define a ft by the equation of subtraction accordingly presents no fresh difficulties.

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