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The oldest written degree of the japanese language kinds the topic of John Bentley's vital quantity. The underlying texts (also awarded the following) are these of the non secular liturgies (norito) and imperial edicts (A.D. 685). half one offers with the liturgies, the writing method, texts, and phonology and the courting challenge. the most chapters of the ebook are an outline of nominals, verbs, verbal suffixes, auxiliary verbs, debris, and conjunctions. A bankruptcy at the lexicon, detailing many hapax legomena and fascinating phrases, makes this right into a significant reference paintings on early eastern.

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In spite of this evidence, I believe these textual data do not lie, and because of the paucity of spelling mistakes, the essential foundation of these liturgies dates from Asuka. The last liturgy from the Office of Divination appears to date from the beginning years of the eighth century. Perhaps only the toponyms were altered at a later date. 17 For criteria 1 used the OJ spelling tradition. 3 Types of Liturgies Nishimuta (1987:23-32) classifies the liturgies into nine different categories: 1) full-fledged liturgies where offerings are presented to the deities; 2) prayer rituals with no offerings; 3) prayers to distant deities; 4) expurgation prayers; 5) prayers of offering; 6) liturgies offered by the emperor; 7) liturgies offered by imperial representatives; 8) burial prayers, and 9) imperial edicts (semmyo).

SV is important for our discussion, because Vietnamese historically had a rich vocalism, and preserved various otherwise lost distinctions of Old Chinese. According to a study conducted by Han (1966:7, 9), Vietnamese has eleven simple vowel phonemes, and the Hanoi dialect has six tones, while the Saigon dialect has five tones. Reconstructions of Proto-Viet-Muong also have eleven simple vocalic phonemes (Thompson 1976:1150). Such a structure made it easier for the ancient Vietnamese (Annamese) to make a one-to-one match of Chinese phones to Vietnamese phones.

I continue to use Yale Romanization for ease of typing, and because it is so widely used in the literature. Fig. 12. Correspondences for Vowel /iy/ Id An upper-mid front unrounded vowel. While I have reconstructed the vowel as [*e], the interpretation of these Sino-Xenic data are not 8 Sino-Korean is from Cenun okphyen (Ch. Quanyin yupian, 1868). PHONOLOGY 45 without some difficulties. Below is a simple chart with Sino-Korean and Sino-Japanese and the eight graphs under consideration (figure 13).

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