A grammar of Assiniboine : a Siouan language of the Northern - download pdf or read online

By Linda A Cumberland; Indiana University, Bloomington

ISBN-10: 0542436434

ISBN-13: 9780542436437

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The result is an anomalous description. For example, he analyzes consonant voicing and aspiration as complicated phenomena that depend on whether a following vowel is stressed or unstressed. , makku ‘he gave me’ (cf. mak„ú) vs. cicú ‘I gave you’ (cf. c±ic„ú), and naxü for naö„ü ‘hear’. Many of his phonological rules are too powerful. For example, he explains y-stem verb inflection (A 1s mn-, A 2 n-, A 3 y-) with a rule of “phoneme loss” (“/y/ > 0 / when /y/ follows /n/” 1964:13), which only succeeds in his small corpus because his consultants atypically do not nasalize stops and affricates in codas.

See, for example, her “owakmba” (owákma ‘I write’) in example (14). The [b] she records can only be phonetic because tautosyllabic triconsonantal clusters are disallowed in the language. Drummond’s transcriptional conventions and glosses are preserved in the following examples, but underlining is added: (14) wa §oyapi nde en owakmba nde mak §upi book DEM in I-write REL me-give-they ‘They gave me this book I am writing in’ (Drummond 1976:23) (15) . . owic handepi . . [cf. oné ‘to look for’, wëc±á ‘them’] them-search[-they] ‘they looked for them’ (Drummond 1976:26) Examples (16)-(18) are from three different Fort Belknap speakers of the older generation, illustrating that post-occlusion commonly occurs in the speech of that generation.

Buechel lists o 0 as an independent sound, or letter, in his alphabet, although in his pronunciation guide he gives the same English word, soon, for both u 0 and o 0. ” Both Buechel and Riggs cross reference a number of words in ø with their words spelled with o 0. For instance, in his dictionary entry for u 0 (his representation of ø], Buechel states, “Same as o 0,” and later in the sam e entry he states, “u 0 seems to take the place of the article ki0, or perhaps it is the same as k’u 0 (k’o 0)” (1970:505).

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A grammar of Assiniboine : a Siouan language of the Northern Plains [Montana, Saskatchewan] by Linda A Cumberland; Indiana University, Bloomington

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