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Aeschylus, trag. C. , Apollonius Dyscolus, gram. D. , Apollonius Rhodius, epic. C. , Achilles Tatius, astron. D.? , Aelian, attic. D. , Aeschines, orat. C. , Aetius, med. D. , Agatharchides, geogr. C. , Alcaeus, lyr. C. , Alciphro, epist. D. , Aleman, lyr. C. , Alexander, rhet. D. , Alexander Aphrodisiensis, phil. D. , Alexander Trallianus, med. D. , Anecdota Graeca e codd. MSS. Bibl. Oxon. , Anacreon, lyr. C. , Anaxandrides, com. C. , Andocides, orat. C. , Antonius Diogenes, erot. D. , �toninus Liberalis, myth.

In syntax, the Attic construction is often given up. The indefinite article is beginning to be represented by EL c;;. 6c;; has led to its use as the ordinary third personal pronoun in the nominative as well as in the oblique cases. o ... c;;. There is considerable fluctuation in the use of the cases. Many of the functions of the dative have been taken over by the genitive and accusative, leading to the elimination of the dative in Modern Greek, except in a few stereotyped expressions. The syntactic signals of the individual cases have been assumed by prepositions so that, for instance, t he partitive genitive is supplemented by &n6 or EX, as is the genitive of material.

But phonemic oppositions can be established, that is, a given sound can be distinguished from other sounds which are significant in the language at a particular place and time, and relative phonetic values for these sounds can be drawn up. In most languages, of which Greek is an outstanding example, the original values can be reconstructed by comparative studies of cognate sounds in related languages to within certain definite articulatory positions. With the original sound system thus dete�ned, and the current state of development of the system easily ascertainable from the modern spoken form of the language, the general framework of the sounds of that language over the transitional period as a whole is clear.

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