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By Tanya Michaels

ISBN-10: 1408951320

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Welcome domestic, Stranger

For Pamela Jo Wilson, returning to her sleepy Mississippi homeland potential coming face-to-face along with her previous. At seventeen, crushed by way of the duties of a brand new marriage and relatives, she fled Mimosa. yet Nick Shepard wasn't the one one Pam left in the back of. Now, 13 years later, she simply hopes she will be able to make issues correct along with her ex-husband and the kid she slightly knows.

Nick's first intuition is to guard his daughter, yet his little woman is hell-bent on assembly the lady who left her at the back of. along with his personal emotions for Pam being as strong and all-consuming as ever, how can Nick recognize what he is feeling is actual? and the way can he belief Pam back? First she has to persuade him she's via working. That she's come home—this time for good.

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Chapter Four Nick’s retreat was almost as unexpected as his arrival. That’s it? Pam stared out into the empty hall, knowing she should be relieved but feeling strangely bemused. Considering what he must have gone through after she’d left him and their infant daughter without a word of warning, he was entitled to be angry, enraged even. So it seemed almost … anticlimactic that he’d suddenly calmed down, told her to have a nice life and left. Granted, there’d been an unmistakably implied “and stay the hell away from us” at the end of his farewell, but that was still far gentler than she’d deserved.

Where had his impulse control been just now? What on earth had possessed him to blurt that jab about her running away? It was what he wanted, for her to get as far away from Mimosa as geographically possible and never return. But he’d made it sound almost as if … he were daring her to stay. She looked as perplexed as he felt, her eyes narrowed in confusion. Faith had her mother’s eyes, but that meant something different on any given day, the changeable hazel reflecting various amounts of gold, brown or green depending on her mood and what she wore.

The woman tossed this comment out belligerently as if she doubted Pam were tough enough to weather a cold shower. “There’s one TV, downstairs in the common area. You’re free to use the microwave, but other than that, my kitchen is off-limits. I’ll need to see some ID. ” “Violet Keithley is the one who recommended you,” Pam said as she reached into her car for an old driver’s license. Technically it hadn’t expired yet, but the address was hopelessly out of date. ” Trudy nodded sharply. “Well, come on then, if you’re coming.

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