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By Sherryl Woods

ISBN-10: 0778329755

ISBN-13: 9780778329756

Daisy Spencer's identify is on everybody's lips...How may perhaps the practical daughter of Trinity Harbor's self-proclaimed patriarch have taken within the boy stuck hot-wiring her motor vehicle? even if the boy is a modern day Huck Finn or now not, Trinity Harbor is in an uproar. yet for Daisy, guiding the orphaned ten-year-old is simple, an break out from her personal tragic prior. she will be able to forget about the town's nay-saying. the only difficulty is...that guy. That guy is the boy's uncle, Walker Ames, a tricky D.C. cop who sees his unforeseen nephew as his final likelihood at redemption. quickly he is commuting to the captivating fishbowl of a city, the place all people assumes he is seduced Daisy--their most sensible Sunday-school instructor! yet to Walker, Daisy is a disconcerting mixture of fascinating innocence and smart-mouthed pleasure in a city that isn't as sleepy because it seems.

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She asked impatiently. ” Her dismayed gasp gave him a certain measure of satisfaction. “Okay, then,” he said, ready to end his little diversion and get back to work. He wanted to hit the streets again before dark. It was destined to be another fourteen-hour day. “You’ve got me now. ” Oh, hell, he thought, as the front legs of the chair hit the floor with a thud. What had Beth gone and done now? His baby sister had always been troubled. She had taken off at sixteen with a worthless piece of trash named Ryan Flanagan, who’d eventually gotten around to marrying her, gotten her pregnant two years later, then dumped her on a highway somewhere outside of Vegas when he concluded the responsibility for a kid was more than he’d bargained for.

It’s about time I took a turn. ” “You’ll get your heart broken,” Tucker predicted, his expression worried. “You can’t just take in some stray kid and decide to keep him. ” Her big brother knew better than anyone how desperately she wanted a family. He had been the one to console her when Billy had walked out, leaving her convinced she would never marry. Even without knowing anything more than the fact that Billy was the one to break the engagement, Tucker had wanted to throttle the man. Daisy had persuaded him not to, assuring him that Billy Inscoe wasn’t worth another second of their time, much less the risk of an assault charge that could ruin Tucker’s career in law enforcement.

She said it emphatically and without the slightest hesitation. Her gaze locked with his. ” “I guess,” he said, apparently satisfied for the moment that she meant what she said. Relief washed through her. This was going to work out. She could feel it. Daisy didn’t even consider the fact that she’d caught him trying to hot-wire her car as a bad omen. Hopefully Tommy wouldn’t mention that little detail to anyone. She certainly didn’t intend to. She did worry ever so slightly about the repercussions once word got back to her father, but she was convinced she could handle that, too.

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