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By Petra Sleeman, Freek Van de Velde, Harry Perridon

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Even supposing the Germanic and Romance languages are branches of an identical language family members and even supposing either have built the adjective as a separate syntactic and morphological type, the syntax, morphology, and interpretation of adjectives is on no account an analogous in those language teams, and there's even edition inside all of the language teams. one of many major goals of this quantity is to map the variations and similarities in syntactic habit, morphology, and that means of the Germanic and Romance adjective and to discover a solution to the subsequent query: Are the (dis)similarities the results of self reliant advancements in all the branches of the Indo-European language kinfolk, or are they because of language touch?

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Sai leggere bene. g. *loudlier), whereas Type A may be found if analytical alternatives are not preferred (examples from Valera Hernández 1996: 24): (23) a. So would she mind speaking a little louder? b. This newspaper speaks clearest of all. g. melius “better”). In Romance, the synthetic forms have normally been replaced by the followers of Lat. plus (Fr. plus important “more important”, It. più importante) or magis (Pt. mais importante, Sp. más importante) but in lexicalized cases such as Pt.

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