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By Osamu Hayaishi

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The biochemical basis of the inhibition in the human cell line D98/AH2 has not been studied, and whether it is a direct allosteric inhibition or some more complex form of regulation needs to be eluci­ dated. Nevertheless, these observations suggest that NmPRTase activity may vary depending on the physiological state of the tissue or cell line being exam­ ined. Thus although one set of studies has shown inactive, high K human NmPRTase, and another set of studies shows a highly active, low K m m m m m m m m 30 Baldomero Μ.

Sharman, M. Rechsteiner, and B. Olivera, unpublished results). However, a nicotinic acid pathway in mitochondria has been demonstrated for yeast (Lange and Jacobson, 1977). 2. NAD:NADP Regulation The balance between NAD and NADP is clearly an important metabolic parameter, but little work has been done on the regulation of the relative levels of the two coenzymes. , 1981) shows that this process is subject to metabolic regulation under some conditions. In bacteria evidence has been presented that the NAD:NADP ratio is regulated by a kinetic equilibrium wherein there is continu­ ous synthesis of NADP from NAD and continuous breakdown of NADP to NAD (Lundquist and Olivera, 1971).

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