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By M.J. Berridge, J.E. Treherne, V.B. Wigglesworth (Eds.)

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The arrow indicates the one region of transversely-sectioned septate junction that is present, straddled by the areas of oblique-section, cutting through the intercellular septal sheets. X 50 600 Fig. 5 Pleated septate junction from the testis of the cockroach, Periplaneta americana. The preparation was fixed in the presence of lanthanum hydroxide which has permeated the intercellular space, revealing the septa in negative contrast. Note the variation in thickness of the septa as the angle of section relative to the orientation of the septum alters.

In lipids from P. americana and Periplaneta brunnea, continuous broad peaks were observed from below 10°C to about 40°C. With the lipids from Lucilia cuprina puparia and Austracris guttulosa the peaks extended to over 50°C. Lipid mixtures such as are obtained from natural sources characteristically show broad transitions (Melchior and Steim, 1976). Calorimetry is a sensitive technique to reveal changes in the physical structures of lipids and ordered-disordered transitions (Spink and Wadso, 1976) but does not enable interpretation at a molecular level unless supplemented by other methods.

Academic Press, New York and London Edney, E. B. (1977). “Water Balance in Land Arthropods” (Zoophysiology and Ecology, Vol. 9) Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg and New York Edney, E. B. and McFarlane, J. (1974). The effect of temperature on transpiration in the desert cockroach, Arenivaga investigata, and in Periplaneta americana. Physiol. Zool. 47, 1-12 Filshie, B. K. (1970a). The resistance of epicuticular components of an insect to extraction with lipid solvents. Tissue & Cell 2 , 181-190 Filshie, B.

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Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 15 by M.J. Berridge, J.E. Treherne, V.B. Wigglesworth (Eds.)

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