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By Ramsden P., Kent P.

The direction is added in models, for first yr Civil and Chemical Engineering scholars. direction size is 6 hours and 10 hours, respectively. The direction includes "core" fabric on Mathematica, mixed with particular engineering themes that vary in every one division - for Civil, beams and vibrations, for Chemical, idea of gases and fluid stream. There also are a few particular mathematical themes. the final objective of those classes is to teach scholars that mathematical software program like Mathematica is proper to their reviews. ultimately, we are hoping to reinforce this message by way of having Mathematica look in lectures and assignments in different first-year classes. those classes were defined in a chain of articles, all on hand on-line at Engineering: Mathematica photos and animations - static and quasi-static beam deflection difficulties Numerical resolution of differential equations - damped and compelled vibrations of a loaded beam Chemical Engineering: Mathematica pictures and animations - the Van der Waals gasoline equation, fluid move round stumbling blocks Mathematica symbolics - discovering desk bound issues on curves and surfaces Mathematica numerics - calculating friction components for movement in pipes, computing particle paths in fluids basic programming in Mathematica"

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach? ) 2. Write and test a recursive function for the Fibonacci sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ... ) Thus fibonacci@6D should return the 6th term in the sequence, and so on. 3. Write a recursive function called myDet, which must not call Mathematica’s Det function, for calculating matrix determinants by cofactor expansion. nb 37 È Session 3 In this session, there are three things you can opt to do. Option 1: a major programming exercise with the idea of putting into practice the Mathematica you’vebeen learning in Sessions 1 and 2.

Symbolic carries discussions about Maple, Mathematica and other symbolic software. ”. Finally, remember that with the Web, often the best way to track something down is to use a search engine. uk where we’ll be putting news of, for example, future Mathematica training courses.

7 Advanced Topic: iteration and recursion Suppose we wanted to rewrite Mathematica’s Factorial function from scratch— for non-negative integers, at any rate. nb 36 or n myFactorial1@n_D := Ì i i=1 This is an example of iterative code: the value of i is made to increase sequentially, and the product is built up as it does so . But there is another possible approach. Consider the following code: myFactorial2@0D = 1; myFactorial2@n_D := n * myFactorial2@n - 1D This may look like a circular definition.

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