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Quantity 1: Antenna basics and Mathematical recommendations opens with a dialogue of the basics and mathematical recommendations for any type of paintings with antennas, together with easy ideas, theorems, and formulation, and methods. DLC: Antennas (Electronics)

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Lee, S. W. Lee, and S. L. Chuang /8/, © 1985 IEEE) Basics 1-41 TEso ~oo t TE60 E----- H ----- Fig. 19, continued. a/2 a TEIO t 1 2 '--~--T--'--~ 1 TEOl TEll TMll T~ TE21 a T~1 l I t , - - . - - ,-- - -r - -,----1 1 2 3 TE30 I ! -,---, 1 4 3 TE40 TEo2 I 1 r--r-- ( I 5 TE30 TEoo TE31 TE 13 TM31 TM 13 i l l TE50 TE32 TM32 TES1 TMsI L ~--. J _______ ~ _____ -,---T - -. -~ TE42 TM42 3 t 6 I 5 TE61 1, TM61 TEs2 TE23 TMs2 ,1 t TE33 TM33 J TE40 ~ \ T~ TE60 TE 13 TEo3 TM 13 ! TE20 TEo2 2 4 a TE21 TE12 TM21 TM12 TM: TM41 ,-- ~- 1 t!

Green's Function in an Unbounded Space Scalar Wave Equation 2-6 Vector Wave Equation 2-7 The Electric Field 2-8 Integration Involving the R -3 Singularity 2-9 2-11 Explicit Expressions for e mn 3. Image Theory 4. The Babinet Principle Scattering Problems 2-13 An Impedance Problem 2-15 5. Reciprocity Bra-Ket Notation 2-16 The Lorentz Relation 2-16 The Reciprocity Theorem 2-18 6. Huygens' Principle 7. The Kirchhoff Approximation 8. Scattering by an Obstacle Bistatic Cross Section 2-22 2-23 Radar Cross Section Reciprocity 2-24 Scattering Cross Section 2-24 Physical Optics Approximation for Scattering by a Conductor Two Other Versions of the Physical Optics Approximation 9.

The far field radiated by (J, K) may be calculated from (21) or an equivalent formula given below. For a given state (k, u) the component of the amplitude vector A(k) in this state is defined in (41) and is given by (see Fig. 10) A(k,u) = j::rc fff v [VZJ(r')'u* + YYK(r')·(k x u*)] ei k'r' dv' (48) where the integration is over a typical source point r' located inside the source region V. Explicit forms of k'r' are given in (21). If u = 6 (for calculating the Ao component), the two dot products in (48) become J·u* = (Jxcostj> + Jysintj»cos8 - J z sin8 K·(k x u*) = -Kxsintj> + Kycostj> (49a) (49b) If u = ~ (for calculating the Aq, component), the dot products in (48) become J·u* = -Jxsintj> + Jycostj> K·(k x u*) = (Kxcostj> + Kysintj»(-cos8) + Kz sin8 (50a) (50b) From Given Fields over a Closed Surface Referring to the radiation problem in Fig.

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