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Visnu holds a divinity of optimum rank one of the Hindus. within the current paintings, the writer has made an try and comic strip the most positive aspects within the personality of Visnu as they seemed in several a while. The publication is split into 3 chapters. bankruptcy one sketches the starting place of Visnu: his personality, logos, attributes, incarnations, comparative prestige, and so on. bankruptcy offers with Sri, Visnus lady companion. bankruptcy three describes a number of the salient good points of Visnus cul

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In the guise of I, offers the king a boon, the latter refuses to accept it saying that he will have nothing to do with a gift o f Indra 7). When being represented as the creator himself and the Supreme Being Visnu even carries the vajra-, the well-known weapon of the Vedic Indra: Hariv. 222 (== 3,3 7 ), 2. This remark leads us to discuss the other references to a close con­ nection between Visnu and the vajra-. Special attention may in the first place be drawn to those epic texts in which the god is described as entering Indra’s bolt.

As far as may be seen from KausS. 3 5,16 the stanza probably formed part of a text which was used in a women’s rite intended to procure the birth of a son. The deities addressed in the corresponding stanza V S. 8, 17, which is ritually used during the concluding ceremonies of the soma sacrifice (cf. g. SB. 4 ,4 ,4 ,9 ) are, apart from the two mentioned, Dhätar, Savitar and Prajäpati, who, each in his particular way, were credited with vivifying, creative and generative facul­ tie s47). RV. 10, 15, 1 I; A V .

Fertile soil (Urvara), etc. these names may, at least originally, have been indicative of their function rather than their beauty. If we are right in considering the above texts as illustrative of one of the ancient Indian beliefs regarding the function of lightning and of one of the explanations of the process of raining, we must now discuss the vajra more closely. Although there is no general agreement as to its original substratum, there appears to be no doubt that thunder­ storm and thunderbolt were important factors in the creation of this mythological concept33).

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