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This provides a basis for quantitative standards, albeit a rather slippery one. Many feel that it is too restrictive. By way of illustration, in the United States the agencies charged with the construction and regulation of waste repositories have agreed, after long and often acrimonious debates, on a set of standards to which repositories planned for the next two decades must conform. Engineered barriers (the canister, any sleeve or overpack placed around the canister, and the backfill and seals in the repository) must give reasonable assurance that no radionuclides will escape into the surrounding rock during the time when the short-lived fission products (especially 90Sr and 137es, both with half-lives of about 30 years) are still abundant enough to be hazardous; this time of containment is specified as at least 300 years, but for some repository environments may be as long as 1000 years, at the discretion of the regulatory agency.

Two additional isotopes that are very minor in fresh waste but would become important after several thousands of years are 226Ra and 21°Pb, generated by decay of actinide elements in the waste. The proportions of all these radioisotopes change with time, because of their different rates of decay. 8, which show the 'water-dilution volumes' for radioisotopes in the amount of spent fuel discharged yearly from a I-GW(e) pressurized-water reactor · and in the waste that would be generated from this spent fuel if it were reprocessed.

The seals, consisting of salt blocks or concrete, are made wider than the tunnel openings by inserting them into slots gouged in the walls. This is to ensure sealing of the disturbed zOlle in the adjacent rock that results from excavating the shaft and tunnels. ) Repository boundary seal isolates repository within m i permeable envelope General tunnel backf i ll retards water fl ow and sorbs rad ionuc lides, dif ferent backf ill mater ials used to vary sorptive and permeabil ity characteristics reduces long term tunnel Limits of deformat ion Shaft bulkhead B intercepts flow at interface and in d isturbed zone, prevents water inflow into shaft IT:: : : : :: : : : : 2 bulkhead A rts water flow from shaft uting in aquifer diverts water flow from seal system Aquifer Dense shaft backfill TOP of sa lt retards water inflow, moderately sorptive ': : r - -General shaft backfill Shaft bulkhead C Highly compressible, deforms in response - ......

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