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By Nessar Ahmed, Maureen Dawson, Chris Smith, Ed Wood

ISBN-10: 0748772103

ISBN-13: 9780748772100

Biology of sickness describes the biology of a few of the human problems and disorder which are encountered in a medical atmosphere. it truly is designed for first and moment 12 months scholars in biomedical technological know-how courses and also will be a powerful reference for wellbeing and fitness technology pros in addition to being worthwhile to scholars starting clinical tuition. actual instances are used to demonstrate the significance of biology in knowing the reasons of ailments, in addition to in prognosis and remedy.

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The decreased incidence of many diseases in developed countries may reflect changes in exposure to causative agents as well as the effects of preventative measures. For example, the reduction of diseases such as cholera is associated, in a large part, with improved public health measures. Improvements in sanitation, sewage and hygiene have had a considerable impact in reducing the incidence of many infectious diseases. Mass immunization against infectious diseases, such as polio, has had enormous beneficial effects in reducing disease in the population as a whole.

Precision The ability of a test for an analyte to give the same result every time the same sample is analyzed. Compare with accuracy. Predisposing factors Conditions or situations that make an individual more susceptible to disease: they include age, sex, heredity and environmental factors. Premalignant This refers to clinical conditions that increase the risk of the patient developing a malignant tumor. Prevalence The prevalence of a disease refers to the proportion of people in a population affected at a specific time.

Diseases may involve functional abnormalities such as an inappropriate secretion of hormones. Examples of these include the excessive production of thyroid hormones in hyperthyroidism or the inadequate secretion of insulin in type 1 diabetes mellitus. Other functional defects might include impaired nerve conduction and muscular contraction. The term syndrome is often applied to describe certain diseases that are characterized by multiple abnormalities that form a distinct clinical picture. For example, Cushing’s syndrome (Chapter 7) occurs when an excess of the hormone cortisol produces a combination of clinical features that include hirsutism (excessive growth of facial hair), obesity, hypertension and characteristic facial and body features.

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