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By John E. Reynolds III;Sentiel A. Rommel

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E-book by means of John E. Reynolds III, Sentiel A. Rommel

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Systematists disagree about the exact number of cetacean species. Part of this uncertainty arises as a result of the availability of new data or application of new techniques for species that have been well known for some time; for example, Heyning and Perrin (1994) recently argued that there are two species of common dolphin (genus Delphinus) rather than just one. It is also exciting that part of the uncertainty is attributable to scientists continuing to discover new species, as recently occurred with the pygmy beaked whale (Mesoplodon peruvianus) (Reyes et al.

1993), there are four families of mysticetes (Table 1-5): the Balaenidae (right and bowhead whales), Neobalaenidae (pygmy right whale), Balaenopteridae (rorquals), and Eschrichtiidae (gray whale). These investigators indicate that there are nine families of odontocetes (Tables 1-6 to 1-8): the Physeteridae (sperm whale), Kogiidae (pygmy and dwarf sperm whales), Ziphiidae (beaked and bottlenose whales), Monodontidae (beluga and narwhal), Delphinidae (true dolphins), Phocoenidae (porpoises), and the Platanistidae, Iniidae, and Pontoporiidae (river dolphins).

We would encourage all interested readers to search out these valuable references. A few notes about our approach. We have attempted to use fundamental physical principles to illustrate the functional “problems” posed by the marine environment. Thus, we have used a number of equations to identify those physical parameters. This approach works especially well with the integumentary and musculoskeletal systems, as they interact directly with the fluid environment. Our approach is less quantitative as we tour other body systems.

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