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By A. Gedeon Matoltsy, Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn (auth.), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn, Prof. Dr. A. Gedeon Matoltsy, Dr. K. Sylvia Richards (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783662009895

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The integument performs an incredible position within the survival of meta­ zoans by way of keeping apart and maintaining them from a adverse environ­ ment. Its functionality levels from defense opposed to harm and in­ fection, participation within the legislation of physique temperature and water stability, to respiration job, tracking of the environ­ ment and creation of signs concerning behaviour. a majority of these consequence from particular structural, biochemical and physiological houses of intra-and extracellular elements of the integu­ ment. hence its characterization could be most sensible comprehensive via a multidisciplinary process with authors really good in several fields of technological know-how. This multi-author booklet, in volumes, offers an up-to­ date survey of the literature. the 1st quantity offers with the integument of invertebrates, the second one with that of vertebrates, either equipped totally on a phylum foundation. because the point of information at the integument of phyla differs significantly, the knowledge supplied is correspondingly both constrained or con­ densed. For a number of the smaller teams of invertebrates little info is out there, as frequently just a couple of electron micrographs are to be present in the literature ; nonetheless, from the big physique of data present for vertebrates, relatively for mammals, no whole evaluate could be supplied, yet publica­ tions giving entry to extra details were reviewed critically.

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1 Histochemistry of Goblet Cells Histochemical studies of skin secretions have on the whole been more rewarding than biochemical studies, and there is a large literature on the subjecL Methods vary between authors, but most investigations rely on combinations of alcian blue (AB) at different pH, and periodic acid-Schiff (PAS), to distinguish neutral and acid glycoproteins. In plaice, Fletcher et al. (1976) found all the epidermal goblet cells reacting for sulphated acid glycoprotein, although the gill epithelium 28 M.

Histochemistry . . Inner Boundary Dermal Endothelium Hypodermis . . Vascularization and Innervation Capillary Blood Vessels . . The Problem of Lymphatic Drainage Nerves . . . . . . . Collagenous Tissues and Associated Materials The Stratum Compactum . . . Scales in Primitive Actinopterygian Fish . . Elasmoid Scales of Teleosts . . . . Scutes in Teleosts ........... Scales in Living Fishes Other Than Actinopterygians Dermal Skeleton in Fossil Fishes . Function of Dermal Mineralization Fin Rays .

Micrograph courtesy of Dr. R. Roberts) Figs. 21, 22. e rays of anterior dorsal fin 21 Apical processes of two sensory cells, and the cuticular secretion on superficial epithelial cells. m 22 Base of a sensory cell making synaptic contact with neurite processes. m 18 M. Whitear The Skin of Fishes Inc1uding Cyc1ostomes: Epidermis 19 in areas of apposition is reduced, but not abolished (Neutra and Schaeffer 1977); the cells are primed for secretion by the preformation of extensive membrane-fusion sites.

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Biology of the Integument: 2 Vertebrates by A. Gedeon Matoltsy, Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn (auth.), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn, Prof. Dr. A. Gedeon Matoltsy, Dr. K. Sylvia Richards (eds.)

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