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19. Snowfall in centimeters in a courtyard (right) and in a partially enclosed court (left) in Montreal, December 28, 1964; ground was bare prior to the storm; snowfall in an adjacent open football field was a uniform 10 cm (P. Denison, personal communication). adjacent courtyards in Montreal (P. Denison, personal communication). Similar variability is to be found in forest clearings and even over relatively open countryside, where much of the land remains wind-swept while large amounts of snow accumulate near fences and other obstructions.

The results are given in Table VI (44). To achieve 95% recovery, for example, an elapsed time of 3 λ is required. TABLE VI RECOVERY IN TERMS OF THE TIME CONSTANT λ OF A SENSOR OBEYING E Q . 3 • Gill (44). " The latter depends only on the number of unstable atoms present at any given time; therefore, as successive disintegrations progressively remove the unstable atoms, the activity of a source decays exponentially with a decay constant, Γ per unit of time. Equal numbers of atoms of different radioactive substances do not disintegrate at the same rate and Γ may be in units of reciprocal seconds, minutes, hours, days, or years, depending on convenience.

Mesometeorology 49 (b) Forecasting of airport visibility and cloud base for periods of 1-3 hr from local networks of stations. (c) Mesoscale studies of precipitation, evaporation and clouds. (d) Analysis of local circulations such as sea breezes and mountain winds. For many years, mesometeorology was not given sufficient attention, partly because of preoccupation with the macroscale. However, many new tools have become available in the last several decades, including radar, tall towers, meteorological research aircraft, and automatic weather stations.

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