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By Victor Serge

Birth of Our Power is an epic novel set in Spain, France, and Russia in the course of the heady progressive years 1917–1919. Serge’s story starts off within the spring of 1917, the 3rd yr of mass slaughter within the blood-and-rain-soaked trenches of worldwide conflict I, while the flames of revolution by surprise erupt in Russia and Spain. even though the Spanish rebellion ultimately fizzles, in Russia the employees, peasants, and customary squaddies may be able to take energy and carry it. Serge’s “tale of 2 towns” is produced from the competition among Barcelona, town “we” couldn't take, and Petrograd, the ravenous, beleaguered capital of the Russian Revolution besieged by way of counter-revolutionary Whites. among the romanticism of radicalized staff awakening to their very own energy in a sun-drenched Spanish city to the awful truth of employees clinging to energy in Russia’s darkish, frozen innovative outpost. the unconventional was once composed a decade after the revolution in Leningrad, the place Serge was once dwelling in semicaptivity due to his declared competition to Stalin’s dictatorship over the revolution.

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Victor’s achingly romantic vision of his beloved Liouba as she must have appeared in 1919 comes through in this climactic passage, which must, for the author, have already been tinged with nostalgia. For by 1930, when Serge penned this touching portrait of a fearful child-woman, Liouba had already been diagnosed as insane, essentially driven mad by the persecutions to which she and her family had been subject as a result of her husband’s refusal to renounce his principled opposition to Stalinism.

We came from every conceivable background. Among us, we knew practically every country in the world, beginning with the capitals of hard work and hunger, and with the prisons. There were among us those who no longer believed in anything but themselves. The majority were moved by ardent faith; some were rotten—but intelligent enough not to break the law of solidarity too openly. We could recognize each other by the way we pronounced certain words, and by the way we had of tossing the ringing coin of ideas into any conversation.

Even now I think I see them and I am thinking about their blood, which will flow too. ” Let us hope that, after years of exile, Serge’s works find the audience they deserve: those “other men, infinitely different from us, infinitely like us” who are carrying on the struggle today. Richard Greeman New York, 1966 ONE This City and Us A CRAGGY MASS OF SHEER ROCK—SHATTERING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF HORIzons—towers over this city. Crowned by an eccentric star of jagged masonry cut centuries ago into the brown stone, it now conceals secret constructions under the innocence of grassy knolls.

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