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By Lynne Graham

ISBN-10: 1408925915

ISBN-13: 9781408925911

Bride for genuine

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Just as Sander had, once. ’ Petros Volakis demanded sourly, as if an estranged wife, whose new single life was being fully documented by the media, was an embarrassment to the family name. ‘I’m free now,’ Sander pointed out with a shrug, for although divorce proceedings still had a way to go, an official separation was already in place. As his attention roamed involuntarily back to the newspaper lying close by he questioned the strength of his reaction to seeing Tally with someone else. They were getting a divorce.

Housekeeper? After all, both the flower arrangements and the level of cleanliness made it obvious that the house was being efficiently looked after. A dark head appeared in the doorway and Sander, an impressive bronzed figure clad only in form-fitting silk boxers, gazed up at her with glittering dark eyes of enquiry. ‘I thought I heard something. I thought…’ But she bit back the remains of such a revealing admission, determined to save face. ’ ‘I was making breakfast,’ Sander announced with staggering cool as if it were something he did on a regular basis rather than an entirely new departure for him.

And Tally’s mouth opened, strong curiosity sending words to her lips before she had even taken the time to think them through and question whether or not she might be asking something without being properly prepared for the answer she might receive. ‘If I thought that you hadn’t been with anyone else since we parted, maybe I could consider that possibility,’ she dared to suggest. A deathly silence fell in which her words hung like a precariously balanced pane of glass ready to drop and noisily shatter.

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