Felix Bronner (Eds.)'s Channels and Noise in Epithelial Tissues PDF

By Felix Bronner (Eds.)

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The viiriancc of sodium current Huctuations at the node of Ranvicr. 1. Phwiol. (London) 307, 97- 129. Sigworth. F. J. (1981). Covariance ot nonstationary sodium current fluctuation at the node of Ranvier. Biophvs. J . 34, I I I - 133. ” Northvan Kampen, N. G (1981). “Stochastic Transport Processes in Physi Holland, Amstcrdam. van Vliet, K . , and Faasett. 1. R. (1965). Fluctuations due to electronic transitions and transport in solids. I n “Fluctuation Phenoincna in Solids” (R. E. ), pp. 267-354.

I. The variance of conductance fluctuations, ui, is then [cf. (61)] u,2 = Ni2(l - p ) p Division of Eq. (72) by Eq. (71) yields u ; / ( l )= i ( l - p ) (73) Thus, from a determination of ( I ) , a:, and p , the single-channel current, i, and 1. ELECTRICAL NOISE IN PHYSICS AND BIOLOGY 33 the number of channels, N , can be estimated. Elimination of p from Eqs. (71) and (72) results in the quadratic relation between u: and ( I ) : cr: = i ( / ) - ( I ) 2 / N (74) Eq. (74) allows determinations of N and i by measurement of the temporal variation of cr: and ( I ) from nonstationary currents, as was introduced by Sigworth (Fig.

1987), and tadpole skin (Hillyard et u l . , 1982). In these studies noise analysis provided additional evidence for the transcellular localization of these pathways and for the fact that the translocation occurred through a channel-type structure. The first part of this chapter will deal with a brief overview of the experimental requirenients related to noise analysis. In the subsequent sections we will discuss the benetits of noise analysis i n studies of the spontaneous as well as blocker-induced fluctuations.

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