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By Andrew D Duckworth

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A brand new book within the highly-regarded Churchill's Pocketbook sequence protecting the necessities of orthopaedics, trauma and rheumatology compatible for scientific scholars and starting place medical professionals.

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Branches of the lumbar plexus (L1–L4) include the femoral, obturator, genitofemoral and ilioinguinal nerves, along with the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh. LEG AND FOOT BONES AND JOINTS The tibiofibular joint: ● Has proximal (superior) and distal (inferior) joints. 17, cont’d Branches of the sacral plexus (L4–L5, S1–S4) include the superior and inferior gluteal, sciatic pudendal and nerves, along with the posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh. ● ● Is innervated by: — proximal: common peroneal nerve — distal: deep peroneal, saphenous and tibial nerves.

G. g. internal iliac or sacral arteries. 1 The algorithm for history (A) and examination (B) of the musculoskeletal system. When examining, the headings Inspect, Feel, Move and Special tests comprise a logical order worth remembering. g. injured left ankle, painful left hip. 1, cont’d Please see the inner cover for details of the neurological assessment of the upper and lower limb. ● ● ● ● Acute vs. chronic Monoarticular vs. oligo/polyarticular Small vs. g. medications, trauma. Remember to cover the cardinal symptoms of the musculoskeletal system: ● ● ● ● Pain (joint or bone): — SOCRATES: Site, Onset, Character, Radiation, Alleviating factors, Timing, Exacerbating factors, Severity.

The internal pudendal artery also supplies some muscles of the gluteal region. 6 The muscles, with their innervations, which provide movement at the hip joint Muscle Origin Insertion Nerve Abduction Gluteus medius (G) Gluteus minimus (G) Sup. and inf. gemellus (G) Ilium Ilium Ischial spine and tuberosity Greater trochanter of femur Greater trochanter of femur Greater trochanter of femur Superior gluteal Superior gluteal L5/S1 (sacral plexus) Adduction Pectineus (A) Adductor brevis (M) Adductor longus (M) Adductor magnus (M) Gracilis (M) Superior pubic ramus Inferior pubic ramus Body of pubis Ischiopubic ramus Ischiopubic ramus Lesser trochanter of femur Posterior aspect of femur Posterior aspect of femur Posterior aspect of femur Superior/medial aspect of tibia Femoral Obturator Obturator Obturator, sciatic Obturator Medial rotation Gluteus minimus (G) Tensor fascia lata (G) Ilium Iliac crest and ASIS Greater trochanter of femur Iliotibial tract Superior gluteal Superior gluteal Lateral rotation Quadratus femoris (G) Obturator internus (G) Piriformis (G) Sartorius (A) Obturator externus (M) Sup.

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