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Which of the following statements about the distribution of the company's salaries is/are correct? Statement The standard deviation will remain unaltered The standard deviation will increase by 14% The coefficient of variation will remain unaltered 26 Questions 7 The price index for a commodity in the current year is 125 (base year = 100). The current price for the commodity is $160. The price (to the nearest $) in the base year was therefore $ 8 The coefficient of variation is used to measure the correlation between two variables.

For two years it will earn 8% and then for an additional five years it will earn 10%. What is her investment worth at the end if Year 7? (to the nearest $) 4 $10,000 is invested now at a nominal interest rate of 12% with interest compounded monthly. How much has the investment grown to at the end of the first year? (to the nearest $) 5 If a company buys a machine for $25,000, what will be the value of the machine after 4 years based on a fixed rate of depreciation of 8%? (to the nearest $) 6 Fred needs $5,800 at the end of five years from now.

Experience shows that of those customers who are given credit without a check from the credit rating agency, 80% settle their debts without difficulty. 60% of customers are not checked by the credit rating agency. The probability that a customer who defaults was actually checked by a credit rating agency is (to 2 decimal places). Questions 39 8 A company is about to launch a new product. It has been predicted that, in each of the first two years, there are two possible levels of sales, high or low.

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