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By Janis Bell

ISBN-10: 0393075478

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This isn't a accomplished monitoring of each nut and bolt that ever got here free inside an English sentence; it's a targeted dialogue of the slim diversity of difficulties that American writers generally face. From confusion over grammar to tangles with utilization, to questions about punctuation, Janis Bell addresses them with transparency and beauty. She discusses the problems, supplies lots of examples, offers quizzes and solutions, and makes convinced that readers are engaged all through.

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22) Reduction of /a/ a. /wana-w/ —> /wans-w/ ([wuryiu1]) house-pred/comp 'being a house' or 'that it is a house' b. /0-}^^-ha-w/^/0-x^^-h^-w/([x^^fl,fiu•]) 3-happen-pl-pred/comp 'those things having happened' or 'that those things came to pass' c. 2 Sequences of Open Vowels In verbal morphology sequences of /a-a/ can arise, as in (23a-e). In (230 the noun for 'god' can also show a type of emphatic lengthening. 24 2. Phonetics and Phonology (23) /a-a/ sequences in verbs a. ' b. ' c. ' d. ' e. ' f.

E. /a-ha-r 0-0-y-a-a-w-pXs-a-ho-wa/ ([yo'pXafiuwo]) 3-pl-abs-3-3-dir-dat-pres-prog-look-in-pl-pred(icative)/comp(lement) 'their always looking inside it' or 'that they always look inside it' or 'that they are looking inside it' In either (10) or (11) stress must always fall before a coda that is overtly filled; that is, final vowels cannot receive normal stress. " This stress has nothing to do with the effects in (10) or (11), but raUier seems to be used to teach children and others about underlying vowels in roots, as in (12).

B. ' c. ' d. ' e. ' f. ' The contrasts in (17), as in (9), are real, even if subtle and if neutralised in final position (Kuipers 1960: 54). To salvage predictable /a/ analysis, one would have to treat verb root adjacent personal indices as exceptions to the overall phonological patterns of the language. 4 Exceptions Fourth, Kuipers (1960:28-29,41) recognises thathe must mark a number of forms as exceptions to his treatment of/a/, as in (18a-c). Forms (18d) and (18c) (HadaghatTa 1968, vol. 4 Exceptions 21 positional verbs such as /-K-/ 'to be prone,' and most likely /-s-/ 'to be seated, situated' as well, not to mention pre-root verbal indices.

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