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By Matthew Reeve

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Cleft buildings have lengthy offered an analytical problem for syntactic concept. This monograph argues that clefts and similar buildings can't be analysed in a straightforwardly compositional demeanour. as an alternative, it proposes that the locality stipulations on amendment (for instance by means of a restrictive relative clause) has to be reformulated such that they account for the plain compositionality of DP-internal amendment while additionally allowing ‘discontinuous’ amendment of the sort that's independently wanted for buildings reminiscent of relative clause extraposition. The empirical concentration of the e-book is on clefts in English and Russian, that have an identical interpretation yet significantly divergent syntactic constructions. the writer argues that, regardless of those syntactic transformations, either different types of cleft are mapped to their semantic interpretations within the related demeanour. This monograph could be crucial studying for these engaged on cleft buildings and copular sentences extra regularly, and should be of curiosity to these engaged on the syntax-semantics interface.

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23 This suggests that the extraposed relative must remain inside the embedded clause, where it is c-commanded by the experiencer �argument. By �contrast, in (46b), in which the subject of the embedded clause undergoes raising to the matrix subject position, the Condition C violation is obviated. [It seemed to heri [that a man had arrived [that Maryi knew from school]]]. [[A man]j seemed to heri [tj to have arrived] [that Maryi knew from school]]. The present analysis predicts that the raising of cleft it in this way should make no difference to coreference possibilities, since the cleft clause is not in an extraposition relation with it.

Ce semble au général être Jean que Marie a vu. ’ The fact that experiencer blocking applies to cleft ce thus suggests that it is referential rather than an expletive. â•… I thank an anonymous Lingua reviewer for suggesting this argument. â•… Bošković argues that expletives are not generated in non-finite clauses, and thus that (21) does not in fact involve raising at all. 6â•… Summary In this section, I have provided evidence that specificational analyses of clefts, such as Percus (1997), are correct in one respect: in assigning referential rather than expletive status to cleft pronouns.

I does not entail ii) b. i. The ones that Bill saw were John and Mary. ii. The one that Bill saw was John. (i does not entail ii) c. i. Bill saw John and Mary. ii. Bill saw John. i. John and Mary, Bill saw. John, Bill saw. g. g. Hedberg 1990). Proponents of expletive analyses of clefts face greater difficulties in capturing the fact that clefts pattern with specificational sentences rather than with ‘simple’ and focus-fronting sentences. g. Chomsky 1977; Delahunty 1981; Rochemont 1986; Heggie 1988).

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