Climate change and the course of global history : a rough by John L. Brooke PDF

By John L. Brooke

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Weather switch and the process worldwide historical past provides the 1st worldwide learn through a historian to totally combine the earth-system process of the recent weather technological know-how with the fabric heritage of humanity. half I argues that geological, environmental, and climatic background clarify the trend and velocity of organic and human evolution. half II explores the environmental conditions of the increase of agriculture and the nation within the Early and Mid-Holocene, and offers an research of human overall healthiness from the Paleolithic during the upward push of the nation. half III introduces the matter of financial progress and examines the human situation within the past due Holocene from the Bronze Age in the course of the Black demise. half IV explores the circulation to modernity, stressing the rising function of human fiscal and effort platforms as earth-system brokers within the Anthropocene. Supported by way of climatic, demographic, and fiscal info, this offers a pathbreaking version for historians of our surroundings, the realm, and technological know-how

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Rapid Evolution and the Convergence of Ecological and Evolutionary Time,” Ecology Letters 8 (2005), 1114–27; John C. , “Probability Models for Stasis and Change in Paleocommunity Structure,” Palaios 24 (2009), 638–49; Gould, The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, 745–1024. ”, 119–30; “Darwinism and the Expansion of Evolutionary Theory,” Science 216 (1982), 380–7. ”18 Diehard defenders of the neo-Darwinian synthesis accused Gould and the emergence theorists of the heresy of biological heresies, Lamarckianism.

In one volume, I cannot give the entire geography of the human experience its due justice. For better or worse I have been guided by three rules of thumb: population, evidence, and environmental impact. I have focused on those parts of the world where the highest concentrations of population developed, where we have the best evidence, and where a trajectory toward state, empire, and the fossil fuel transformation seems to suggest the central problems of our human condition lie. Chapter 2 necessarily focuses on the center stage of human evolution, eastern Africa, and then the adjacent Eurasian zones of modern human dispersal.

Plio. Miocene 10 20 Oilgocene Biotic Events Panama Seaway closes 13 δ –1 0 C (%o) 1 2 3 “Great American Interchange” Hominids appear Asian monsoons intensify C4 grasses expand E. Antarctic ice-sheet Mid-miocene Climatic Optimum Coumbia River Volcanism Mi-l Glaciation Tibetan Plateau uplfit accelerates Red Sea Rifting Plate reorganization & Andean uplift Horses diversify Partial or Ephemeral Full Scale and Permanent Late Oilgocene Warming Drake Passage opens Tasmania-Antarctic Passage opens Oi-l Glaciation Small-ephemeral Ice-sheets appear plate reorganization & reduction in seafloor spreading rates E.

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