Completely Smitten by Susan Mallery PDF

By Susan Mallery

ISBN-10: 1426842279

ISBN-13: 9781426842276

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It was tied in the eighth inning and damned if he didn’t care at all. The shower finally went off. There were more sounds he couldn’t identify, then the bathroom door opened. Haley stood dwarfed by her cotton nightgown. The fabric hung to the floor and concealed every single curve and womanly feature. She was pale, but she no longer looked quite so desperate. Her wet hair stood up in spikes. She’d said she was twenty-five, but right now she could pass for twelve. “I still feel pretty awful,” she said.

That could be me. ” “I’ll bet you could even be a plum. ” “Plum? ” They had reached the building. Kevin paused to lean against a column supporting the overhead walk-way around the second story. “I need your key,” he said. ” She smiled brightly. ” He opened the clasp and dug around until he came up with a key attached to a plastic pink flamingo. The number three had been painted on the flamingo’s wing. At least they weren’t going to have to negotiate the stairs. She shifted her weight just as he closed her purse.

Yesterday she’d had her first glass of white wine ever. To be honest, she hadn’t really liked it. “A margarita,” she said. ” Okay, rocks were ice. On the rocks would mean over ice, which wasn’t how she pictured margaritas. “Frozen,” she said. “Oh. ” The bartender stared at her. ” She’d always wanted a drink with a little umbrella. She watched as the man poured various liquids into a blender. He added a scoop of ice, then set the whole thing to whirling and crunching. When he finally put a glass in front of her, the light green concoction looked more like a slushy drink than anything else.

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