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By John L. Bradshaw, Jane M. Pierson-Savage (auth.), Harry A. Whitaker (eds.)

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Contemporary studies in Neuropsychology arrays the most up-tp-date examine on hemispheric specialization of the mind. certain realization is given to the functioning of the perfect hemisphere within the processing of spatial and sequential details. one of the themes mentioned are the character of hemisphere asymmetries, lexical processing, spatial reminiscence, and humor and the correct hemisphere.

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A wealth of possible research is also revealed in terms of accuracy of manual pointing to visual targets as a function of head and/or gaze direction with respect to each other and/or the body. It would also be interesting to investigate the effect 1. Hemispace Asymmetries 25 of variation in gaze direction in the vibrotactile and (competing monaural) auditory paradigms. Hartmann (1983) also reviewed evidence of superior localization of sounds in left rather than right space, a finding we ourselves would have predicted.

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Contemporary Reviews in Neuropsychology by John L. Bradshaw, Jane M. Pierson-Savage (auth.), Harry A. Whitaker (eds.)

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