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By Martin Haspelmath, Ekkehard König

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ISBN-13: 9783110143577

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These band are brilliant live. (Wechsler and Zlati´c 2003:76–9) This sort of agreement is semantic in that it depends on semantic properties of the subject – in particular, the ability of a singular noun to denote a group consisting of several members. British speakers are also reported to detect a semantic distinction between using the plural form are and the singular form is in a sentence like (8): is goes with a collective reading of the predicate and are with a distributive reading. Somehow, then, a semantically licensed form can replace a morphosyntactically licensed form under certain conditions in British English.

The tall person arrived. b. *The man person arrived. c. *The sing person arrived. Until recently, most generative work on the lexical categories has concentrated on capturing their similarities, through X-bar theory and the positing of parallel systems of functional categories. In Baker 2003a, however, I sought to explain these and other, more subtle morphosyntactic differences in a unified way. My theory is based on the definitions in (39), together with the basic principles in (40). (39) a. Verbs are lexical categories that license a specifier.

The adjective Italian, in contrast, has no referential index, and hence cannot be the local binder that itself requires. (45d) is thus ruled out as a violation of Chomsky’s Binding Principle A. This kind of account extends to the more elementary fact that nouns and their projections can serve as the subjects and direct objects of verbs and other θ marking heads, given Williams’s (1989) view that θ -roles are a kind of anaphor. Under this assumption, (46b) is ruled out for the same reason as (45d): the agent θ -role of the verb destroy is an anaphor that has no syntactic binder.

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