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13 shows the equilibrium concentration of K+ in frog muscle cells at varying K+ concentrations. S Single electrophoretic boundary 1er2 I0~ 5 IO"4 Dodecyl sulfate concentration (moles/liter) Fig. 12. Adsorption of dodecyl sulfate on bovine serum albumin. Ordinate represents, on a logarithmic scale, the mole fraction of sites binding the anionic detergent, dodecyl sulfate, divided by the mole fraction of sites not binding the detergent. Abscissa represents the dodecyl sulfate concentration also on a logarithmic scale.

Lassettre, E. N. and J. P. Howe. Thermodynamic properties of binary solid solutions on the basis of the nearest neighbor approximation. /. Chem. , 9:747-754, 1941. 16. Ling, G. N. A Physical Theory of the Living State: The Association-Induction Hypothesis. New York: Blaisdell Publ. , Div. , 1962. 17. Ling, G. N. and G. Bohr. Studies on ion distribution in living cells. II. Cooperative interaction between intracellular potassium and sodium ion. Biophys. , 10:519-538, 1970. 18. Ling, G. N. and M.

Phillips (1933), who consider the backbone NHCO groups as important sites of hydration. I mentioned that this apparent paradox can be resolved if one takes into account the fact that the data supporting the first theory were derived primarily from studies of globular proteins, while those supporting the second theory were derived primarily from studies of fibrous proteins. These observations lend support to the association-induction hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, the cooperative transition between the globular form (with much of the backbone involved in the non-hydrated a-helical conformation) and the fibrous form (in which the backbone NHCO is hydrated) underlies many physiological processes (Ling, 1972).

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