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1 with the salivary glands. Dissect abdomen 10. Make a midline incision through the abdominal wall muscles. Dissect the pancreas away from its insertion on the spleen and duodenum (Fig. 8), place it into cassette no. 1, and transfer the cassette to 10% neutral buffered formalin. 11. Working in a fume hood, take up 5 ml of the 10% neutral buffered formalin fixative into a 5-ml syringe. Using a 25-G needle, slowly inject 3 ml fixative into two or three areas along the intestine, into the lumen (Fig.

CAUTION: Bouin’s fixative contains picric acid. Dry picric acid is a shock-sensitive explosive capable of releasing energy on a level similar to dynamite. Care must be taken to maintain the fixative in its liquid state. CAUTION: Formalin is a carcinogen and an eye, skin, and respiratory irritant. , Fisher Scientific) Rocking platform 1. Excise desired tissue from euthanized mouse, promptly place into a labeled plastic embedding cassette, and close the lid. Do not overfill the cassette (the lid should close without resistance).

If RNA sampling is desired, the dissections should be performed by two persons, one to dissect the tissues destined for RNA analysis and freeze them in liquid nitrogen, and the other to collect tissues for histological analyses. M. 2008. Editorial: Best pathology practices in research using genetically engineered mice. Vet. Pathol. 45:939-940. A. 2001. Evaluating mutant mice: Anatomic pathology. Vet. Pathol. 38:1-19. L. 1997. Histotechnology: A Self Instructional Text, 2nd ed. ASCP Press, Chicago, Illinois.

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