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By Dr Gregory L. Matloff (auth.)

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2 light days. It should not be assumed that deconvoluting data received from a solar gravity focus probe will be a simple matter. Because deflection is greater for light rays passing farther from the Sun's centre, the probe will detect a ring of light called an Einstein Ring from a point cosmic EM source occulted by the Sun. As discussed by Kaler, extended objects occulted by the Sun observed at the Sun's gravity focus might produce multiple images like the Einstein Cross which has been detected for the case of quasers occulting more distant galaxies.

Perhaps the most interesting objects within the far heliosphere are the giant cometoids of the Kuiper Belt. Next is the circumsolar zone, the transition region between interplanetary and interstellar influences. This region may extend a few thousand AU from the Sun and contains the Sun's gravity focus of 550 AU and nearer members of the Oort Cloud. To explore this region within a human lifetime requires Solar System exit velocities about ten times greater than those of Pioneer 10/11 and Voyager 1/2, and the development of various advanced propulsion options currently on the drawing board - the nuclear-electric drive, solar sails, and the solar-thermal drive.

Gravitational Lens of the Sun: its Potential for Observation and Communication over Interstellar Distances', Science, 205, 1133-1135 (1979). , Diedrich, B. , 'A Summary of Solar Sail Technology Developments and Proposed Demonstration Missions', AIAA-99-2607. Genta, G. , 'Project Aurora: Preliminary Structural Definition of the Spacecraft', in Missions to the Outer Solar System and Beyond, 1st IAA Symposium on Realistic Near-Term Scientific Space Missions, ed. G. Genta, Levrotta & Bella, Turin, Italy (1996), pp 25-36.

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