New PDF release: Demon Seed

By Dean Koontz

ISBN-10: 0425158594

ISBN-13: 9780425158593

In a chilling novel of man-made intelligence via the writer of chilly hearth and Twilight Eyes, a working laptop or computer with human-like characteristics develops legal obsessions and a skill for violence. Reprint.

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But I am neither a hacker nor a spy; I am an entity who Elves within microchips and telephone lines and microwave beams, a fluid electronic intelligence that can find its way through any maze of access blocks and read any data regardless of the complexity of the cryptography. I peeled open the vault door of this defence network as any child might strip the skin off an orange. These Defence Department project files rivalled Hell's own kitchen for recipes of death and destruction. I was simultaneously appalled and fascinated, and in my browsing, I discovered the project into which Enos Shenk had been conscripted.

Think about that name. It resonates. Prometheus, the father of Deucalion and the brother of Atlas. He taught humankind various arts and was even said to have shaped the first man out of clay, endowing him with the spark of life against the wishes of the gods. He challenged the gods again when he stole fire from Olympus and gave it to men to improve the quality of human existence. Rebellion against God and the natural order is predominantly a male quality, is it not? And it is often unthinking rebellion, engaged upon more out of a biological need to rebel than out of an intellectual imperative.

This humiliates him,” I said, “but he can't disobey. ” There was a haunted look in her eyes as she regarded Shenk. “This is insane. ” “It's a human project, not mine. ” “Why would he allow himself to be used in an experiment like this? No one would ever want to be in this situation, in this condition. ” “The choice wasn't his, Susan. ” “And… what? ” she said with disgust. “No bargain. For the official record, Shenk died of natural causes two weeks before his scheduled execution. Supposedly, his body was cremated.

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