Feucht, D.'s Designing Dynamic Circuit Response, Volume 2 - Analog PDF

By Feucht, D.

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This moment quantity, for engineers and scholars, builds upon the 1st quantity via extending insurance to incorporate reactances and their time- and frequency-related behavioral outcomes. holding a design-oriented research, this quantity starts with circuit basics concerning capacitance and inductance and lays down the process utilizing s-domain research. extra techniques and views fill within the blanks left via textbooks with reference to circuit layout. It simplifies dynamic circuit research through the use of the graphical equipment of reactance plots. equipment of compensating amplifiers, together with suggestions amplifiers, are stored so simple as attainable utilizing reactance plots and s-domain move capabilities that normally require algebraic ability.

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The relationship between the real part of a pole or zero and Bode-plot break frequencies is that the break frequency corresponds to −1/s for negative poles or zeros. The convention is used here of indicating pole location on Bode plots as p instead of −p. Because Bode-plot frequencies are always positive, no confusion should result. Often, magnitude is scaled in decibels (dB). For voltage or current, ||A||dB ≡ 20 ⋅ log10 ||A||. ) A real pole “rolls off” (that is, decreases in magnitude) with a slope of −1 on a log-log plot or −20 dB/dec ≅ −6 dB/oct.

By transforming the derivative form of the L and C v-i relations, we obtain an equivalent circuit that accounts for initial conditions, shown in (b). L C iL (0 + ) + vC (0 + ) – (a) + vC (0 + ) – C L i L (0 + ) + vC (0 + ) s – 1 sC sL i L (0 + ) s (b) 1 sC + CvC (0 ) + = q (0 ) + LiL (0 + ) = λ (0 + ) – sL 24 Chapter 1 Transient and Frequency Response 25 By working directly in s, we can find the transfer function of the RC integrator and differentiator from inspection, by treating them as voltage dividers.

For a transfer function in normalized form, the rational expression in s is one at s = 0, and the constant K must be the static transmittance. A transfer function, M(s), having one real pole p, evaluated at jw, is 1 = ( jω p + 1) 1 (ω p ) + 1 2 ⋅ e − tan −1 (ω p ) The log-log plot of the magnitude of a real pole is  log     ω  2  1 = − ⋅ log   + 1  2 2   p  ω p + 1 ( )  1 For w/p << 1, this becomes  ω  2  1 − ⋅ log   + 1 2   p  ≅ log (1) = 0 ω p1 For w/p >> 1,  ω  2  1 ≅ − ( log ω − log p ) ≅ − log ω − ⋅ log   + 1 2  p   ω p 1 Transient and Frequency Response 45 For w >> p, log w − log p ≅ log w.

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