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By Frank J. Dye(auth.)

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ISBN-13: 9781118076514

ISBN-10: 1118196643

ISBN-13: 9781118196649

A newly revised variation of the normal reference for the sector today?updated with new phrases, significant discoveries, major scientists, and illustrations

Developmental biology is the examine of the mechanisms of improvement, differentiation, and progress in animals and vegetation on the molecular, mobile, and genetic degrees. The self-discipline has received prominence partly as a result of new interdisciplinary techniques and advances in expertise, that have ended in the speedy emergence of latest innovations and phrases. The Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology, moment version is the 1st entire reference excited by the field's phrases, learn, historical past, and people.

This authoritative A-to-Z source covers classical morphological and cytological phrases in addition to these from smooth genetics and molecular biology. generally cross-referenced, the Dictionary contains definitions of phrases, motives of recommendations, and biographies of ancient figures. Comparative elements are defined so as to offer a feeling of the evolution of constructions, and themes variety from primary terminology, germ layers, and induction to RNAi, evo-devo, stem phone differentiation, and extra. Readers will locate such gains of embryology and developmental biology as:

  • Vertebrates

  • Invertebrates

  • Plants

  • Developmental genetics

  • Evolutionary developmental biology

  • Molecular developmental biology

  • Medical embryology

The author's top class on accessibility permits readers in any respect degrees to reinforce their vocabulary of their box and comprehend terminology past their particular concentration. Researchers and scholars in developmental biology, cellphone biology, developmental genetics, and embryology will locate the dictionary to be an essential resource.


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Apoplastic continuity continuity that occurs outside the cell’s cytoplasm, in the spaces between cell walls. See: symplastic continuity. apoptosis 12 area placentalis apoptosis genetically programmed cell death; genetically programmed cell death is a normal part of development in many animals. Examples range from the resorption of the tail of the frog tadpole during metamorphosis to the sculpting of human fingers out of the original hand plate. Apoptosis may be initiated by a withdrawal of growth factors from the cell or by an active response to a signal.

Auditory placodes a bilateral pair of ectodermal thickenings on the head of the embryo, at the level of the hindbrain, which give rise to the auditory vesicles, each of which forms an inner ear labyrinth, whose neurons form the acoustic ganglion. auditory vesicles See: otic vesicles. auricularia echinoderm larva of the class Holothuroidea (sea cucumber). , platelet-derived growth factor. , the explosive proliferation of placental cytotrophoblast cells in response to platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), which these cells themselves produce.

Although this blood is generally rich in food and oxygen, the paired umbilical arteries carry depleted blood from the fetus out to the placenta. arthrotome mesenchymal cells in the center of the somite that contribute to the sclerotome, becoming the vertebral joints, the intervertebral discs, and those portions of the ribs closest to the vertebrae. artificial insemination introduction of sperm into the vagina by a means other than a penis. Ascaris a roundworm parasite found in the intestines of certain mammals; a single female may possess more than 25 million eggs.

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