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By Scott Bakker

Disciple Manning is ready to bear in mind each dialog, assembly and feeling he has ever had, making him a very harmful deepest investigator. whilst a tender lady disappears from a non secular cult, her mom and dad flip to Manning for aid. Manning accepts, yet with a chilling feel of foreboding. Heading into the guts of the cult, he encounters its beguiling chief, captivated with the concept that the realm is a fantastical theatre, within which we purely act out our roles, blind to our precise lifestyles past; a trust he's cause on retaining, at any fee. Manning's research quickly results in clashes with the cult's unsettling trust structures and leaves him struggling with for survival and elusive solutions. in the meantime, it is only an issue of time sooner than the lacking lady hazards being deserted for ever to the depths of everyone's forgotten stories'

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Something was up. There was something slippery about Jonathan Bonjour, something that utterly eluded his wife. I know it sounds implausible. Memory tricks aside, how could I detect something in a single sitting that Amanda Bonjour had never glimpsed in years of marriage? It’s just the way. It’s not simply that familiarity blinds—and it does, catastrophically—it’s a Mars—Venus thing as well. The bulk of the male and female bandwidths may overlap, but there’s always a small range of gender-specific frequencies, things that only men can pick up in other men, and that only women are sensitive to in other women.

The thing to realize is that every moment is a car accident; it only seems otherwise because the apparent regularity of things fools us into thinking we can intervene and take some measure of control. We have this abiding I-could-if-I-really-wanted-to feeling. And since we’re out- and-out addicted to this feeling, the true brevity of things tends to drop out of the stories we like to tell. It doesn’t matter if it’s the action hero’s slo-mo or the anti-hero’s angst-ridden reflection, everywhere you turn you see people having a hell of a lot more time than they actually have, able to scoop the gun from the gutter before the other guy squeezes the trigger, or to ponder the early days of Czech Communism between ironic barbs.

Troubled,” Amanda said. “Troubled. ” “Not abusive,” Jon Bonjour interjected. “There’s troubled and then there— ” “I’m sure Mr. Manning re— ” I paused, trying to get a fix on her expression. It would be wrong to think of these rehearsals like video replays, because they aren’t. In fact, they’re almost impossible to describe. It’s not like there’s a little me reviewing it all in a little theatre in my head—how could there be when I’m both the screen and the audience? I mean, the memories are imagistic in a sense, a very fleeting sense—but they’re more like a kind of raw knowledge, things I just know.

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