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By P.C. Cast

Teen Elphame has consistently had a stressed nature. yet now she's interested in a distant fort and a feeling of future. as soon as there, she reveals the remnants of an outstanding evil, and she or he needs to struggle for the security of her humans.

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I call upon you, Power of Air, to witness this rite. You are the element we encounter upon birth as we draw our first breaths. I ask that you fill MacCallan Castle as it is reborn and scatter any negative forces from it. ” Suddenly a breeze ruffled Elphame’s long hair. It twisted playfully around her, catching the falling drops of water and making them appear to dance on the wind, clearly showing Elphame that her words had been heard and accepted. Elphame’s answering smile was filled with stunned joy.

He would never purposely hurt a woman. “Brenna,” she called. ” Slowly, the Healer moved from the rear of the group. Her head was bowed again, and she did not lift it until she was standing beside Elphame. Then, with a sigh, she looked up. Elphame was watching her brother, and she saw his expression go flat at his first glimpse of the young woman’s horrendous scares, but he didn’t cringe and he didn’t look away. ” “Well met, Lady Brenna,” Cu said, bowing his head courteously. “I thought the two of you should be introduced.

Elphame felt her face flush. “For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to bring MacCallan Castle back to life,” she blurted. “Thank you for joining us here, Danann. ” “I am honored to be of service to you, Goddess,” he said simply, squeezing her hand before releasing it. He did not pull away from her in fear or bow down before her in stunned reverence. It’s like she was just an ordinary clan chieftain asking for his help. The thought was so unexpected that Elphame blinked in surprise, and turned quickly to her brother to hide her awkwardness.

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