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Appi. Physiol. 2 8 : M l . 25. Macklin, C. C. ( 1 9 5 5 ) . Pulmonary sumps, accumulations, alveolar fluid, and vessels. Acta Anat. 2 3 : 1. J. Lab. 30 (1967). Invest. Interstitial 16: 9 1 2 . C. J. of (1962). of Appi. dust lymph CHAPTER 3. TRACHEOBRONCHIAL RESPONSE TO INSULT P. MACKLEM, Respiratory Division, Royal Victoria Hospital/ McGIll University, Montreal, Canada KAYE H. ) Mucus RESPONSES The cough reflex Is produced by stimulating cough receptors which are situated principally In large airways (1).

Differences in metabolism between individuals due to genetic factors, pre-existing disease, or subclinical Injury may be critical, either in detoxification of the responsible agents, or In their formation within cells. Just as It has been difficult to relate cancer in man to one source 35 P. M A C K L E M A N D K. H. K I L B U R N or one chemical, it Is fallacious to expect that removal of single agents will have a measurable effect on cancer prevalence. REFERENCES 1. Widdicombe, J. G. (1951*).

How are alveoli organized? In structure they resemble a group of tea cups with open bowls adjacent to compose the alveolar duct. If they were arranged In a line, 170 alveoli would be an inch long. The interstitial connective tissue that lies between capillaries and alveolar cells helps to organize the c e l l s . This Interstitial matrix Is of mesodermal origin, as are the capillaries which Invest alveoli. The connective tissue includes three types of fibers: collagen, reticulin, and elastin. What five types of cells characterize the alveolar zone of the lung?

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