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By Sven-Olof Ryding

Настоящее учебное пособие построено на современной концепции товародвижения как нового научно-прикладного направления развития экономики. Дается понятийный аппарат логистики, описываются объекы логистического управления, операции и функции логистики. Рассмат-риваются логистическая миссия и место логистического менеджмента на фирме. Большое внимание уделяется логистическим системам и их элементам. Впервые в отечественной экономической литературе анализируется методология логистики, описываются современные логистические системы.Для студентов, аспирантов и преподавателей вузов, менеджеров предприятий и организаций, занимающихся логистикой.

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Powell, however, was aiming in a different direction-for the Badlands of Dakota, where the White River had cut deeply into fine, white, clay sediments intermixed with thin sandstone layers, a place no farmer could love. Powell must have seen in such a sterile but strangely beautiful place the possibilities of a good crop of scientific discovery. But at Fort Laramie, discouraged by reports of growing Indian resistance to white travelers, the party changed their minds and turned south into Colorado, looking for Pike's Peak.

The powerful lobbies for western development, on the other hand, led by railroad corporations, mining companies, cattle outfits invading the public domain, and the like, could not have seen much merit in so many commonwealths getting in their way. Four years after offering his reforms, Powell resigned from the directorship of the Geological Survey, ostensibly because of the continuing pain from his wound, but in truth he was driven out of office by budget cuts and general indifference as much as by opposition to his ideas.

The first chapter pursues that argument through an analysis of the ideas of John Wesley Powell, whose chief contribution was to discover the powerful fact of aridity in the region and to reflect on its implications for the region's future. Powell's opponents were radical "constructionists"; that is, they were politicians, businessmen, miners, and farmers intent on constructing a region to fit their dreams, a construction that would be limited only by the availability of capital and technology. Powell came to a different conclusion, one emphasizing the need for adaptation to the land similar to what bioregionalists call for today, where region is the outcome of a dialogue between culture and nature.

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