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She would never have it like th at again . EV A 31 She dreamed ordinary human dreams too, doing and seeing things in her old body , but nearly always the one she awoke with was the one about trees . Then she would lie with her eyes shut and decide where she wanted the mirror , what would be the first thing she saw. Though she always chose the same it was still a conscious decision, an effort of will not to go back to the old game of guessing the weather. " As soon as they gave her her jaw and throat back , she added the proper little pant and grimace of greeting and tried to mean it .

Yet today Eva is alive , active , h ealth y. She look s, however, qu ite different. She looks like th is. " And th ere was Kelly, squatting amo ng th e yellow bars of the climbing frame . Sh e pursed h er lips forward and h oot ed. Go away-but to human s it woul d be just a hoot , an d an yway she immediately shrugge d, grinned, and waved a frie ndl y hand . Eva stared. Me, she thou ght. Me . Though she was used by now to looking at her own image in a mirror an d accep ting it as herself, th e chi m p in th e zone was like a stranger.

It feels great ," she said. " " I' ve seen pic tures of you. You used to be a very pretty littl e miss. " Eva glanced at him. He was horrihl e. Didn' t he real ize Mom would be wat ch ing? She wanted to bit e hi s ear off. N o. But she' d get hi m some how. " I'm very prett y now," she said. " Sure, bu t . " " Like I say . " Deliberatel y she reache d out, grippe d the immacu late collar and haul ed h im towa rd her. He yelled. " from Dad, but by th en she was giving Mr. Ellan a kiss, not a proper open-mou the d chi mp kiss but using her big lips to produce a real smacker, maxim um vacuu m.

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