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Lest one imagine those are a simply the quirky output of a self-publishing eccentric, the sequence was once released through Kensington Publishers below their Zebra Books imprint. Kensington's present site describes Zebra Books as their "flagship imprint [that] publishes nationally bestselling women's fiction, romantic suspense and bestselling ancient, paranormal and modern romances." whereas now not in print, the writer characterised the jokes during this sequence as politically fallacious, raunchy jokes approximately ethnic teams, homosexuals, girls, animals, politicians, celebrities and different unwitting targets."

The writer has painstakingly accumulated millions of such jokes and preserved them in print. whereas out of print, such a lot can be found used from Amazon resellers as $0.01 books.These are a necessary source if one is learning such humor. I positioned the author's identify in costs simply because i think it's a nom de plume for the person that holds the copyright for those books. Julius Alvin simply seems on the web because the writer of those works without additional biographical information.

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That's disgusting," the salesman said. " "Naaaaaaaaaaa," the boy replied. to the boy. 53 He turned JULIUS ALVIN A woman went into a grocery store and asked the grocer for a can of cat food. The grocer knew the woman and knew she didn't have a cat. " he asked. 'Tor my husband," she rephed. " the shocked grocer can't feed cat food to your husband. It's said. " She shrugged. "He loves it. " Each day, the woman would come in and buy cat food for her husband. be reading the One day the grocer happened to newspaper when he noticed in the obituary column that the woman's husband had died.

The smell— whew! " 57 first man. "And leave \ Chapter Three; EXTREMELY FOUL HOMOSEXUAL JOKES What do you get when you cross Billy Jean King with Bo Derek? A DC Why 10. is Billie Jean King so good at tennis? Because she swings both ways. What do you A call a Mexican homosexual? senor-eater. 59 JULIUS ALVIN A looks flaming gay walks into a diner. A truck driver him over with disgust, then calls out sar- castically, ''Hey, faggot. " and stares at him incredulously. 'Tearls and denim? " What do you A call a gay bar without barstools?

I I Because they wanted to starve the population. 44 | EXTREMELY GROSS JOKES How can you tell how many Vietnamese live in an apartment house? Count the windows and multiply by 40. What's the definition of gross ignorance? 144 Polacks. " "Yeah. " did the Puerto Rican turn down a blow job? He was afraid it would stop his unemployment 45 checks. JULIUS ALVIN What do you A call an impotent Black man? limp pimp. What's Italian ice? Lemon sherbet with little black hairs all over it. What's a Polack's favorite sex aid?

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