Fantastic Voyages: Learning Science Through Science Fiction by Leroy W. Dubeck PDF

By Leroy W. Dubeck

ISBN-10: 0387004408

ISBN-13: 9780387004402

ISBN-10: 0387215883

ISBN-13: 9780387215884

What precept of mechanics is illustrated within the technology fiction mystery Terminator 2: Judgment Day? How is nuclear fission very important to the plot of extraterrestrial beings? Is the time go back and forth portrayed in megastar Trek IV: The Voyage domestic a true danger? notice the remarkable solutions to those and a bunch of alternative interesting questions in awesome Voyages.

This ebook offers uncomplicated physics and biology guideline utilizing scenes from renowned technological know-how fiction motion pictures as examples of the innovations mentioned. Scenes are mentioned from such sci-fi classics because the Day the Earth Stood nonetheless, Planet of the Apes and The Andromeda pressure. The latter comprises research questions about organic terrorism. more moderen hit motion pictures mentioned contain touch, Jurassic Park and Independence Day.

The ebook is split into 3 sections:

basic physics and astronomy for non-science majors

selected issues in biology

detailed plot descriptions of forty two movies

The re-creation additionally comprises fabric concerning the greenhouse influence, nuclear strength and nuclear terrorism, and the consequences of an effect from a comet or asteroid.

Acclaim for the former edition:

"If you discover technological know-how fiction movies thought-provoking, this is able to be the booklet for you...The scope of the publication is vast, with an excellent grounding in easy physics and biology, and many different details besides."

–New Scientist

"The inspiration of utilizing technological know-how fiction motion pictures to express technology in an attractive manner is sound, and an individual getting ready a direction utilizing the style should still at the least seek advice this book."



Leroy W. Dubeck is Professor of Physics at Temple college, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Suzanne E. Moshier is Professor of Biology on the collage of Nebraska, Omaha.

Judith E. Boss is Professor of English on the college of Nebraska, Omaha.

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Kepler’s laws of motion describe how any two bodies which are bound together by their gravitational attraction move, whether they are in our solar system or not. It remained for Isaac Newton (1642–1727) to explain the basis for Kepler’s laws in terms of his Laws of Mechanics and his Theory of Universal Gravitation. All three of Kepler’s laws can be derived from Newton’s laws using fairly simple mathematics. 1 presents selected data on the Sun and the nine planets in our solar system. 5 times the density of water).

Potential energy is so named because it has the potential for doing work. The most general law of physics refers to energy. It is called the Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it may be transformed from one form to another. However, the total amount of energy never changes. As an example, consider the experience of diving into a swimming pool, as pictured in Fig. 2-8. Let W be the weight of the diver and h the vertical distance from the diving board to the top of the water.

Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that the spaceship would weigh about the same as on Earth, namely, several tons at least. In order to move the spaceship upward, Yoda must apply a force at least as large as its weight downward. This force applied upward will do work in moving the rocketship. 3 tons). Then in raising it 5 m, Yoda performed 5 ϫ 30,000 ϭ 150,000 J of work. This is equivalent to the work done by a 100 kg adult (who weighs 220 lb on Earth) climbing 150 m (or about 450 ft) vertically upward!

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