Finding Monsieur Right by Muriel Zagha PDF

By Muriel Zagha

ISBN-10: 0091933358

ISBN-13: 9780091933357

ISBN-10: 1407030760

ISBN-13: 9781407030760

It is a story of 2 cities...two girls...and a life-altering switch. Daisy's simply landed the appropriate task: spending a yr in Paris writing approximately model. Swapping houses with French scholar Isabelle appears like the right association. good Isabelle, although, reveals London bewildering. yet all her assumptions approximately loopy English men are overturned while she meets hunky gardener Tom. in the meantime, fun-loving Daisy discovers that Paris is town of affection, and a couple of Monsieur Right...

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He threw at Daisy before moving on with his tray. That wasn't very nice! She hadn't done it on purpose. ' said another voice, which also sounded cross. Daisy looked up. A stallholder was staring at her expectantly. And there were people behind her, huffing and puffing. She seemed to have accidentally come to the head of the queue and she was holding everyone up. 'Er, des cerises, s'il vous plait. ' Daisy made her way back to the flat, having also purchased a goat's cheese and some olives from a friendlier stall.

It was really like having Chrissie in the room with her. 'HOW DARE U? HORRID GIT,' she sent back affectionately. It would take a very long text message to convey to Chrissie to what extent last night really hadn't been that kind of party. There was a lot of champagne, but inexplicably - and, in Daisy's opinion, unnaturally - nobody appeared to get drunk. Actually, there had been one drunk person, a girl who had passed out in one of the bedrooms. People had talked about this in whispers as of a great and freakish novelty.

Surely a literary pioneer like Meredith Quince transcended such superficial labels! 'Ah? ' 'Oh really? How nice. ' 'Yes, but a long time ago, in the 1950s. ' 'Anyway, thank you,' said Isabelle, turning to leave. 'Do you know,' the lady said, 'I'm sure the Quince Society would love to know about those French translations. ' Isabelle stared at her in confusion. ' 'Don't you know about it? Oh, but you must join! ' As Fern, the bookshop lady, explained, the Quince Society had been set up some thirty years ago by a small band of enthusiasts and had grown steadily since - to a slightly larger band of slightly older enthusiasts.

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