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By William Sarabande

ISBN-10: 0553282069

ISBN-13: 9780553282061

The spellbinding epic experience of a time while mankind took its first steps and the icy wilds claimed the earth.  Breathtaking, vibrant, unforgettable--here is the 3rd quantity of the panoramic new sequence the 1st american citizens which all started with past the ocean Of Ice and endured with hall Of Storms.  In this untamed prehistoric time, the good hunter Torka has led a bunch of survivors throughout a frozen sea.  Now he's their proud headman, a pacesetter who defies the outdated ways.  For this, the need of the tribe turns opposed to him--and he needs to act speedy to avoid wasting his young ones from those that may see them killed.  Together together with his kinfolk and a small band of trustworthy fans, Torka and his spouse Lonit strike out a perilous trip to an unknown land feared through all males. . .the forbidden land.  With ideal braveness they are going to fight opposed to its savagery, its unknown creatures and historical mystical ideals to construct a destiny necessary of a noble humans. . .worthy of usa citizens.

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The man was tired and irritable. And dangerous after a two-day fast. This was no time to challenge him. She bowed her head with utmost deference. "So be it, then. This is the will of Torka. The mother will live or not live; the child will be born or not born by the will of the forces of Creation and not through any interference on the part of this woman. Now before the wrath of the spirits falls upon us all, go out from among us, Headman, and know that Zhoonali has never broken her word. Whatever choices must be made concerning the life or death of this child will be made later by the magic man.

Said lana as she eyed the other women and knew that she had made enemies of all but Wallah, who seemed relieved. Torka's stern gaze settled on the claw. "This is not the way of my people," he said coldly. "It is the only way. Zhoonali speaks for the spirits and for the forces of Creation! You profane them all by your presence here! " Torka closed his eyes and, holding his woman in his arms, spoke softly in her ear. "Beyond the hut, the sun is rising. The fires in the night sky are cooling, the earth has ceased its trembling, and the wind-spirit wanawut has grown silent.

Of Cheanah's two women, she was the elder. As the mother of his three sons, hers would have been the higher status even if she had not been his first woman. When she told Kimm to shut her mouth lest the rest of her teeth fall out, Kimm glowered but did not argue. Xhan turned to Lonit and spoke persuasively. "Before Cheanah chose to walk with Torka as his headman--in the year of much hunger when the caribou did not return along familiar routes out of the face of the rising sun-Kimm opened herself to the claw of taking and sacrificed the life spirits of twin sons for the good of all.

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