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By Paul-Laurent Assoun

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A number of the top Freudian analysts, together with within the early days Jung, Adler, Reich and Rank, tried to hyperlink the writings of Nietzsche with the scientific paintings of Freud. yet what used to be Nietzsche to Freud - an intuitive anticipation, a precursor, a rival psychologist? Assoun strikes past the seduction of those appealing analogues to a deeper research of the relation among those figures. Assoun reconstructs Freud's come upon with Nietzsche, his own interpretations and the contribution of Nietzsche's champions. He additionally examines the thematic similarities that seem at the floor to bare shut affinities among the theorists. His argument is that those "analogies" are particularly the symptom of an open, ongoing discussion among Freud and Nietzsche (and Marx) which continues to be very important to severe idea this day

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But as with Schopenhauer, a long silence is followed by an infatuation that introduces Nietzsche's name to debates throughout the intellectual world. This is the wave that would carry Nietzsche's name to Freud. Thus it is no accident if Nietzschean terms appear during this time, in Freud's correspondence with Fliess, without this first trace (of Nietzsche in Freud) implying any real information. Nietzsche's terminology had found its way into the vocabulary of the intelligentsia of this period, and had even earned a certain salon affectation.

Lou Salome, the Mercurial Feminine All the same, Freud does not remain alone together with the Nietzschean text; he will also see it come to him, via Lou Andreas-Salome, the woman who had been close to Nietzsche. It is not a matter of indifference that Nietzsche should return to Freud, in a way, through a 'messenger'. In 1911, at the moment of their encounter, Lou brought to Freud a sort of renewal of direct contact with the person of Nietzsche and the spirit of his work. It is true that Nietzsche's presence remained between them discreet and in a way demure; it is hardly the case that, in the moment when the Hymn to Life confronts him with the prospects of an inaccessible enjoyment, Freud revives a bygone complicity, forged in the trio of Nietzsche, Lou and Paul Ree, which Lou had evoked in veiled words.

NIETZSCHE' IN THE WEDNESDAY S E M I N A R S (2) But Nietzsche's spectre was decidedly in the air, since a few months later, on 28 October 1908, he was the object of a new lecture during a Wednesday session of the Vienna Society. This time, pathography clearly came to forefront, since Hautler spoke on Ecce Homo, treating the autobiography as a 46 document, by practically paraphrasing the work and punctuating it with psychoanalytic remarks. This new exposition on Nietzsche generated analogous reactions among the attendees.

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