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By Richard Laymon

ISBN-10: 0747235473

ISBN-13: 9780747235477

The lodge of Boleta Bay isn't the carefree position it was. a sequence of unexplained disappearances, and holiday-makers threatened by way of a military of leering bums, casts a shadow over summer season pleasures. yet now Boleda Bay is battling again and their crusade leads them to the deserted Funhouse.

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Just on park patrol when it’s hot out. ” Dave was used to such comments. His blue hat looked like a baseball cap. Instead of a major-league insignia, its front was emblazoned with the gold letters BBPD inside the outline of a star. His white T-shirt bore a similar emblem. His shorts matched the cap. He wore white socks and blue sneakers. Only the black leather utility belt, laden with holster and gun, nightstick, radio, handcuffs, and half a dozen snap-down cases, marked him obviously as a police officer.

Cowboy threw. She hit the water again. Cowboy smiled. “Only way to get her clean. ” “Let Duke have a try,” she called as she climbed out. Cowboy offered the last ball to him. “Oh, that’s okay,” Jeremy said. ” “Don’t be a woos,” Lizzie yelled. With a sigh, he gave the waffle cones to Cowboy and took the ball. The beginning of the end, he thought. I’m going to miss by a mile and they’ll know I’m a dip. He wound up and fired the ball. Right on target! It struck the bull’s-eye and bounced off. Lizzie’s perch didn’t collapse.

Mind if I call you Duke? Jeremy’s kind of a wimp name, but you already know that, don’t you. Just like George. I hate that name George. ” Jeremy hesitated. The kid seemed friendly, but maybe he was up to something. Maybe he was even in with the bum, and this was some kind of a trick they pulled to get money out of suckers. Or maybe he wanted to get Jeremy off somewhere and mug him. Or maybe he was a fag. “Hey, you’re here with your squeeze, just say the word. ” “I’m here by myself,” Jeremy admitted.

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