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By Burkard Polster, Günter Steinke

ISBN-10: 0521660580

ISBN-13: 9780521660587

One century after Hilbert built the 1st instance of a non-classical affine airplane, this ebook goals to summarize all of the significant effects approximately geometries on surfaces. appearing either as a reference and a monograph, the authors have incorporated targeted sections on what's referred to as good as outlining difficulties that stay to be solved. There are sections on classical geometries, tools for developing non-classical geometries and classifications and characterizations of geometries. This paintings is said to a bunch of different fields together with approximation, convexity, differential geometry topology and lots of extra. This publication will entice scholars, researchers and academics operating in geometry or anybody of the various linked components defined above.

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6, is homeomorphic to R 2 . 6. d A geometry of topological circles on the real projective plane that satisfies Axiom P2 is not automatically a flat projective plane (just consider a flat projective plane from which some lines have been removed). 8 (Local Implies Global) Let Q = (P,C) be a geometry whose point set P is the real projective plane and whose lines are topological circles in P. Then Q is a flat projective plane if and only if it satisfies the following two conditions. (i) Two distinct lines intersect in exactly one point.

Is a flat protective plane, the second connected component is homeomorphic to a Mobius strip. (iii) If"R. 7 below). The exterior lines of the oval are the interior points of the dual oval and the secant lines are the exterior points. 2 Convexity Theory 33 Proof, (i) Let T be a closed convex triangle in a flat projective plane, or, more precisely, in one of the sub-R2-planes of this flat projective plane. Then the main result in Polster-Rosehr-Steinke [1997] guarantees the existence of a topological oval in the projective plane that is contained in T.

The set P\L is connected because, otherwise, the connecting line of two points contained in different components would intersect L in at least two points, which is impossible. Let K : S2 —> P be the map that identifies antipodal points on S2 with the corresponding point of P and let L = K~1(L). Then L is either the union of two disjoint topological circles or a topological circle. 4, the set S2 \ L has three connected components, two homeomorphic to R 2 and one homeomorphic to a cylinder. This implies that P \ L is not connected, which is contradiction.

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