Grammar Practice for Pre-Intermediate Students (GRPR) - download pdf or read online

By Elaine Walker, Steve Elsworth

ISBN-10: 0582417147

ISBN-13: 9780582417144

* step by step grammar causes with transparent examples * A wealth of assorted perform routines with write-in house at the web page * assessments to observe students' growth * Illustrated with energetic cartoons to extend students' figuring out * An index and a accomplished contents record for simple reference * For self-study, homework or use in school.

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I'm not watching television at the moment. 33 Verbs 5 We {see] our parents every week. 6 (You listen) to the radio now? 7 I (not get up) at seven o'clock every morning. 8 Peter (talk) to Susan now. 9 (They work) in the restaurant at the weekends? 10 She (listen) to the radio in her bedroom at the moment. 11 They (not come) to school every day. 12 (You work) now? 13 The children (go) to bed at eight o'clock. 14 1 (leave) the office every day at five. 15 I'm sorry i can't talk to you now. I (go) out.

Note the difference between: 7 went to Paris last year, (definite time - past simple) I've been to Paris, (at some time in my life - indefinite time - present perfect). • The present perfect is often used to describe personal experience: I've been to Berlin. She's met a lot of famous people. I've heard this music before. ) Have you ever been to Paris? • The present perfect is not used with past time words (last night, yesterday, in 1984, etc). It is not possible to say I've seen him yesterday. Note the difference between: She's gone to Sweden.

You eat) 6 I the bus this morning, (not catch) 7 I my keys yesterday, (forget) 8 you about the meeting? (they tell) 9 Peter the washing-up last night, (do) 10 They anything at the disco, (not drink) 11 I 12 We 13 14 They 15 We 42 he was wrong, (think) your suitcase in your bedroom, (put) it was your birthday, (not know) to the office yesterday? (you go) her a present when she left, (give) their letters, (read) Verbs 38 Past Continuous FORM Positive I He was She It Were working? theyI We You were They working.

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