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B. How much money would be collected in the situation you made for part a? c. What is the average toll charge per car on this toll road? d. If you start your chance tree in part a with a different number of cars, would your answer for part c change? Explain your thinking. 38 Great Predictions 2. Brenda is a basketball player. She is an 80% free-throw shooter. a. Make a chance tree to show how Brenda is expected to score in 100 two-point free-throw situations. b. What is the chance Brenda will score two points in a two-point free-throw situation?

D. What might you conclude about the amount of weight students carry in their backpacks? Support your ideas with arguments. Section C: Reasoning from Samples 29 C Reasoning from Samples Small samples from the same population can be very different. Because small samples can have so much variability, it is important that a sample is large enough to get a sense of the distribution in the population. It is also important that the sample is randomly chosen. Based on data, you can estimate chances of particular events.

B. What do grids ii and iii show in terms of the tickets for Fun Night? c. Copy grid iii into your notebook and shade the portion of the diagram that represents the students who get a free meal. d. How do the diagrams help you find the fractional part of the students who get a free meal? e. How does this help you find the chance of a free meal (hotdog and drink)? The organizers of Fun Night are worried about cost. They have decided to change the number of tickets with stars so that the chance of getting 1.

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